Stanford Distinguished Careers Institute approached us for a name to represent an alliance of higher educational institutions fostering midlife transition programs. The name had to aspire toward transformation and promote new approaches to college curricula. Ideally, it would incorporate core values like purpose and community with a future-thinking, welcoming, and collaborative personality.


Lexicon Branding blended two approachable real words – “next” and “excel” – to create a surprisingly familiar idea. The Nexel Collaborative inspires a feeling of forward momentum while also offering a sense of community, a nexus, a core hub of trusted higher educational institutions that together are “redefining lifelong learning.”

What Is The Value of a Lexicon Created Brand Name?

Truly effective names deliver fundamental value — they drive revenue. They give power and momentum to new ideas. Creating an effective name is not just a good thing, it is essential to success.

Here’s how we create them:

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