Our Approach to Customer Research

How do you know you have the right name?

How do you know which name will go beyond fit-to-concept and popularity? How do you know which name will add the values and associations that will help drive your new brand forward?

Our research platform is designed to answer these questions. We offer qualitative and quantitative programs to identify the leading indicators of brand name performance based on deep R&D investments Lexicon has made. Our linguistic and cultural assessments indicate how your new name will perform across your key markets or around the globe.

Most programs are completed in four weeks and conclude with a road map detailing the potential of a name to become the foundation of your new brand.

Before you spend millions launching your new brand, make sure you understand the strengths and weaknesses of its name.

If words were magic, David Placek, Kennedy Placek and their team would be Merlin – conjuring spells with every syllable! Sitting and listening to David during the sessions was gold! Highly recommend working with them!

Rakesh Goyal, CEO

Consumers today are receptive.

Our Brand Naming Results

The names you know best began right here.