Our Approach

We are designed for clients who require 1) problem-solving skills combined with 2) a high level of creativity and 3) experience. We are organized more like a film studio than a design or advertising agency. The demand to generate thousands of ideas and a high tolerance for both risk and failure represent our reality and contribute to four decades of success.

Because of our belief, Lexicon has developed a fully integrated approach that includes creative development, linguistic and cultural assessments, customer research, and trademark evaluations. As important, the approach is supported with significant R&D investments in software tools (including AI) to create names that deliver asymmetric value and help our clients make the progress they desire.

Sonos, Impossible, Swiffer, Outback, Pentium, OnStar, Lucid, to name just a few, are all brand names created using our proven process.

SonosPowerBookSwifferNitrogenCapCutFreeStyle LibreLunar EnergyLight & WonderNavanGeti (Intel)Oculus GoMeta HorizonMi CampoImpossible FoodsOutbackLucidFebreze

What Makes Us Different

We have reframed brand names from tactical to strategic assets by investing in an “engineering layer” of proprietary software, linguistic and cognitive science insights, and proprietary consumer research methods that support and strengthen our creative development process.

We provide a fully integrated solution for both naming and brand architecture programs that combine our creative teams with our engineering layer, our trademark team, and worldwide network of linguists. Anyone can claim to have a creative team.

Lexicon’s engineering layer applies scientific rigor and objectivity to a process that is otherwise very subjective.

I enjoy telling the story of the SONOS name every time I am asked. Lexicon created exactly the right vessel for us to pour our work into, with an implicit standard for inspiration and craftsmanship. Frankly, it was impossible to imagine but they made it happen. We all work to live up to this standard every day, and that’s a gift which I cannot estimate the value of.

John McFarlane, Founder

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