Our Approach to Cultural & Linguistic Evaluations

The digital economy makes all brands global instantly. Given this new reality, it’s important to know what connotations your name will have even in markets where you’re not selling. Negative connotations, anywhere in the world, represent liabilities that no brand can afford.

Our network of more than 100 fully credentialed PhD linguists in 75 countries evaluates the strengths and weaknesses of names and supporting verbal branding elements from two critical vantage points: linguistics and culture. Our linguistics assessments focus on meanings, connotations, pronunciation, and the ability to support key messaging. Our cultural evaluations identify any historical or contemporary social or political issues. When needed, our transliteration services identify favorable renditions of your name in languages that use non-Roman script.

All name evaluations are completed locally to ensure real-time accuracy. To ensure that your new brand will be global ready, we conduct additional assessments in the leading languages of the world.

The best business decision we made was hiring Lexicon Branding. I worked directly with David, who is like the father of modern brand naming. He gave me two amazing pieces of advice – he said a great name is a ‘visual poem.’ And second, great names always ‘feel familiar, yet create anticipation.

Namrata Kamdar, Founder

Our Brand Naming Results

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