From Startup to a Market Cap of $4.4 billion

“A seamless and compact palindrome. Sonos fully supports the concept of ‘an operating system for sound.’”

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The naming firm, Lexicon, created the name Swiffer, which beautifully evokes the speed and ease of using the product, providing a brilliant shortcut to the brand promise. Lexicon can certainly say that they invented the Swiffer, because without its name it would not be the same product.

Harry West, Professor
Columbia University
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Swiffer – Harry West

The ROI of a Name – A Strategic Approach to Brand Name Development

Get an up-close look at Lexicon’s strategic brand name development process—as well as specific details about how we created business-advancing names for 11 companies with unique strategic goals across multiple industries.

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Impossible Foods

The best business decision we made was hiring Lexicon Branding. I worked directly with David, who is like the father of modern brand naming. He gave me two amazing pieces of advice – he said a great name is a ‘visual poem.’ And second, great names always ‘feel familiar, yet create anticipation.

Namrata Kamdar, Founder
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Namrata Kamdar