We have reframed brand names from tactical to strategic assets by investing in an “engineering layer” of proprietary software, linguistic and cognitive science insights, and proprietary consumer research methods that support and strengthen our creative development process.

We provide a fully integrated solution for both naming and brand architecture programs that combine our creative teams with our engineering layer, our trademark team, and worldwide network of linguists.

Anyone can claim to have a creative team. Lexicon’s engineering layer applies scientific rigor and objectivity to a process that is otherwise very subjective.

The naming firm, Lexicon, created the name Swiffer, which beautifully evokes the speed and ease of using the product, providing a brilliant shortcut to the brand promise. Lexicon can certainly say that they invented the Swiffer, because without its name it would not be the same product.

Harry West, Professor
Columbia University

Language is a Foundation for Brand Name Development

Our Brand Naming Results

The names you know best began right here.

From Startup to a Market Cap of $4.4 billion

“A seamless and compact palindrome. Sonos fully supports the concept of ‘an operating system for sound.’”

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Why names are important.

Why names are important.