Brand naming is generally perceived as a creative exercise. It is, but it is a mistake to stop there. There is more to it.

Compare naming to architecture. Certainly, architecture is a creative endeavor, but it also requires in-depth knowledge of the physical laws that affect strength and durability. 

Our Approach For Creating Brand Names

The combination of small creative teams with structural linguistics is our invention. We pioneered the integration of linguists and linguistic knowledge into naming and have invested heavily in developing software that facilitates creative depth and breadth.

Our investments in consumer research and linguistics have led us to identify key principles of language, challenge assumptions, and uncover patterns of success that give our clients the ability to outperform their competitors.

World’s Premier Brand Development Agency

Lexicon Branding has over four decades of experience creating global household brand names. As a top brand naming company, we have successfully completed over 3,700 projects with clients across 23 different countries.

John McFarlane, Founder

Lexicon created exactly the right vessel for us to pour our work into, with an implicit standard for inspiration and craftsmanship. Frankly, it was impossible to imagine but they made it happen. We all work to live up to this standard every day, and that’s a gift which I cannot estimate the value of.

John McFarlane, Founder

Our Results

We create billion dollar brands for Fortune 500 companies and startups. Learn more about some of the names we’ve created below.