We create brand names that help our clients build billion-dollar brands.

Names that create immediate value. Names that challenge the status quo.

We can do the same for you.

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SonosImpossible FoodsSwifferBrazeFebrezeBlackBerryZyaDasaninvidia ShieldFreeStyle LibreAzureFreeFormNavanGeti (Intel)LegenceLunar EnergyOptic WhitePowerBookLucidOutbackForesterVercelRogueEmbassy SuitesHumiraOnStarPentiumNitrogenCapCutLight & WonderAtom (Intel)Oculus GoMeta HorizonPortalMi CampoBezelVeltTreoGalvanizeGraphiteTextureAlteonLyftUpThe Nexel CollaborativeFlywheelRidgelineClearMotionVenzaDramaLexus Enform

Our clients include both Fortune 500 corporations and innovative startups.

Most of our creativity is focused on new-to-the-world products, services, and companies.

There are plenty of suppliers that can generate a list of names. There are even some that claim to be the ‘world’s leading naming company’. That’s easy to do. Creating names that help to create billion-dollar brands is a different story.

The brand names we’ve created is the only claim we need to make.

We Say We’re Different. Learn How.

This guy named Blackberry and Sonos. He wants to name your AI company.

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How to create an iconic brand name.

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Lexicon’s David Placek on AI nomenclature and what makes a good name

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Building a billion-dollar brand.

Lexicon’s most successful names – among them Pentium, for Intel; Swiffer, for Procter & Gamble; PowerBook, for Apple; Dasani, for Coca-Cola – have become immensely lucrative global brands, which collectively have brought in billions for their companies.

John Colapinto, Staff Writer
The New Yorker
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What is the value of a brand name?

Truly effective names deliver real value – they drive revenue. After all, nothing will be used longer or more often than your brand name.

Get an up-close look at Lexicon’s strategic brand name development process—as well as 11 case studies that demonstrate the value of a Lexicon-created brand name.