We create names that become billion dollar brands.

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No other agency has generated more envy than Lexicon.

Building a billion-dollar brand.

David Placek tells the story of Lexicon’s work for Swiffer.

Success Story

In 2012, a small technology startup based in Santa Barbara, California reached out to Lexicon Branding to discuss the idea of a new brand name for their innovative sound system which was a combination of software and hardware. The product’s design was beautiful and both the company and Lexicon agreed that the company’s current name, Rincon Labs was not the right name.

Success Story

Most consumers believe air and fabric fresheners just mask odors. P&G asked Lexicon to develop a name to help make a superior product claim believable. According to one consumer, “P&G’s new product is remarkably different. It actually breaks down the odor molecules, makes them disappear.”

Success Story

Name a food company with the audacious goal of producing great-tasting and completely vegan alternatives to meat products.