Lexicon’s brand architecture service allows you to confidently present your brand to the world—and chart a clear path for future growth.

Brand Architecture: The Forward Face of Your Business

Your brand architecture is how you clearly and strategically communicate your brand—which includes your business strategy, product lines, and values—to the world. 

The most effective architectures don’t just clarify who you are today. They future-proof your brand by expanding the potential for new product innovations.

The Benefits of Brand Architecture

Brand architecture is a key driver of growth. A well-crafted architecture:

  • Reduces your brand’s perceived complexity and creates in-market clarity. 
  • Forms a platform for your brand messaging and identity.
  • Concentrates resources, allowing you to maximize efficiency and eliminate redundancy.
  • Captures your audience’s attention and generates interest in your offerings.
  • Fosters confidence by assuring customers your brand offers what they desire.
  • Provides a roadmap for future sub-brands and descriptor development, enabling seamless adaptation and expansion.

A Collaborative Approach to Brand Architecture Development

Our process for developing or refining your brand architecture is highly flexible and collaborative by design. We customize every engagement to meet each client’s needs by identifying issues and developing bespoke solutions. The result is a strategically effective brand architecture perfectly tailored to your unique requirements.

Harry West, Professor
Columbia University

The naming firm, Lexicon, created the name Swiffer, which beautifully evokes the speed and ease of using the product, providing a brilliant shortcut to the brand promise. Lexicon can certainly say that they invented the Swiffer, because without its name it would not be the same product.

Harry West, Professor
Columbia University

Our Results

We create billion dollar brands for Fortune 500 companies and startups. Learn more about some of the names we’ve created below.