Our Approach to Brand Story Development

Many creative companies structure brand positioning and brand story as separate and distinct activities. By creating these silos, both communication and creative synergies are often lost. We take a different approach.

First, we eliminate marketing buzz words that don’t always lead to what is important: a compelling story.

Second, we work on the brand story and brand positioning at the same time. For many, this is counterintuitive, but it is the most effective way to create a compelling and seamless story.

Third, we work directly with the client team in Open Studio sessions designed to check assumptions, redefine the problem opportunity, and generate fresh thinking. Finally, by combining these activities, we often pause for either qualitative or quantitative research to pressure-test our thinking.

In the end, you have a word that has the ability to carry a story larger than the brand name itself.

Lexicon Branding is the best naming agency in the industry, and we have absolutely loved working with you, it’s been an honour. The naming solutions for our product, Convero, and company, Zya, are game changers for us, and are the perfect ‘vessels’ to carry our brand into the market place.

Josh Sauer, Co-Founder & CEO
Zya (Formerly Inulox)

Our Brand Naming Results

The names you know best began right here.