ACL needed a new corporate brand name that better communicated the company’s longstanding leadership role in the governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) SaaS category and their gains as a fully integrated robust platform. Given that software can prove to be intimidating to many, ACL needed a name that was approachable and supported their value proposition as a BSB brand.


Lexicon developed Galvanize as the new corporate name and HighBond as the company’s user platform. Galvanize struck the balance of embodying the serious nature of the company and its innovative platform, while remaining approachable to its professional audience. The name supported dependable, intelligent, and active services with a versatility of capabilities. Further, the word Galvanize possessed two relevant meanings for the company: to move someone into taking action and the coating of a material to prevent corrosion.

What Is The Value of a Lexicon Created Brand Name?

Truly effective names deliver fundamental value — they drive revenue. They give power and momentum to new ideas. Creating an effective name is not just a good thing, it is essential to success.

Here’s how we create them:

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