Our Approach to Trademark Screening

You can’t be serious about creating new brand names without having a strong trademark evaluation process. Surprisingly, most suppliers don’t.

Lexicon offers the most comprehensive trademark evaluation process in the naming business. Here is the proof: We have a fully staffed trademark team which includes paralegals, a URL search team, and an experienced trademark attorney to oversee and direct all evaluations.

Like much of our work, we take a collaborative approach to trademark evaluation. We work closely with our clients counsel and their outside counsel to deliver names that represent strong intellectual property that will create enduring value. What’s more, our legal counsel, Cooley LLP, is always happy to assist our clients in planning and executing a trademark clearance and registration program.

A brand name is no longer just a brand name. It is a key asset. Create it accordingly.

We came to you at an important crossroads, where it seemed that finding a new name for our organization might not be possible. I don’t think we fully understood the complexity—both creative and legal—such a quest would entail. And then, meeting by meeting, you helped us open doors and make it through the wilderness.

Noah Spring, VP, Branding & Creative

Our Approach to Trademark Evaluation

Our Brand Naming Results

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