Trademark Clearance is Critical

Navigating trademark clutter is one of the most complex and frustrating aspects of developing brand names. Each of the 45 trademark classes already has hundreds of thousands of existing marks. And in the USA alone, more than 100,000 new trademark applications are filed each quarter. 

In this increasingly crowded space, the path to a distinctive brand name is more challenging than ever. 

Our Trademark Team is Here to Help

Our screening team is led by a trademark attorney and supported by paralegals. Before we begin a project, we meet with your corporate counsel to develop a detailed search strategy that covers all relevant trademark classes and markets.

With access to multiple databases, we can evaluate hundreds of candidate names with speed and accuracy. Our evaluations go beyond identical conflicts, thus increasing confidence in the viability of your top contenders. 

As a result, you’ll save both time and money—and greatly reduce frustration as your legal team seeks final trademark clearance.

Sean Kell, CEO
Blue Nile

We really are trying to be a billion-dollar fine jewelry destination.
The shift is trying to make a company that started as an engagement ring website use its brand to transition to being a billion-dollar fine jewelry brand and that is the big change — that’s the long-term goal.

Sean Kell, CEO
Blue Nile

Our Results

We create billion dollar brands for Fortune 500 companies and startups. Learn more about some of the names we’ve created below.