EtaGen, a mission-driven startup advancing global access to low-carbon and dispatchable energy, had developed a truly new category of power generation. The company needed a new name that would be globally accessible and carry the innovative story of their linear generator — delivering onsite, fuel-flexible power at lower cost and lower carbon than the electric grid.


Mainspring, a real word, represents the principal driving force in motivating or maintaining a movement. Without being too literal, the name actively supports a company at the heart of the energy revolution. Furthermore, it links to the linear generator’s function and positively reflects the company’s pride in bringing to market a physical product with world-class engineering and craftsmanship.

What Is The Value of a Lexicon Created Brand Name?

Truly effective names deliver fundamental value — they drive revenue. They give power and momentum to new ideas. Creating an effective name is not just a good thing, it is essential to success.

Here’s how we create them:

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