ING Direct, Canada’s largest online bank, was doing things differently. They needed a new name to support a fresh take on banking. Research insights from thousands of ING employees and customers indicated it was time for a bold change to match the company’s bold personality and reputation.


Be counter-intuitive. It is one of the most effective options in our creative toolbox. Nothing generates more interest, and nothing communicates confidence better. Tangerine does not fit the traditional model for naming a bank. That is its strength. The name signals a new flavor of banking, but it still linked to tradition by leveraging the orange color of ING. Since Tangerine’s launch in 2014, deposits have increased by over $3 billion.

What Is The Value of a Lexicon Created Brand Name?

Truly effective names deliver fundamental value — they drive revenue. They give power and momentum to new ideas. Creating an effective name is not just a good thing, it is essential to success.

Here’s how we create them:

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