Patch, a healthcare billing platform making it easier for providers to accept out-of-network patients, approached Lexicon to develop a new corporate name. The company envisions a world where paying for healthcare and leveraging insurance benefits is a simple and transparent experience for both patients and providers. The new brand name needed to be distinctive, communicate transparency and ease, and support an innovative and reliable SaaS platform.


Lexicon recommended Anagram, a real word meaning a word or phrase formed by rearranging the letters of another. As a brand name, Anagram supports a company rearranging and transforming the way patients and providers leverage insurance benefits. Upon rebranding, Anagram secured $9.1 million in Series A funding and completed processing over $55 million worth of claims through the company’s software.

What Is The Value of a Lexicon Created Brand Name?

Truly effective names deliver fundamental value — they drive revenue. They give power and momentum to new ideas. Creating an effective name is not just a good thing, it is essential to success.

Here’s how we create them:

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