Naming AI companies and products requires more nuance and consideration than traditional technology brands. You must overcome extreme hype and its implications on brand credibility. You must name for the future, not based on what AI looks like today. And, you must have emotional appeal. This is not a simple “naming exercise.”

We are the only company with the capabilities and experience to create the next generation of AI brand names. Here’s why:

1. For four decades, we’ve given voice to the world’s biggest ideas in technology. 


Personal Computing






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2. We’re funding a series of international studies with consumers and developers to identify the best strategies (and pitfalls to avoid) for branding new AI companies and products.

These results serve as a foundation to help our clients develop future-facing brands. We know what’s working and what isn’t. We’re launching new studies on a quarterly basis to ensure we stay up-to-date (and keep our clients informed).

Read more about our findings here.

3. We’ve integrated AI into our proprietary software which harnesses 25+ years of our own linguistic and creative data.

While software will never replace our creative judgment, it enables client access to Lexicon’s:

  • creative data
  • linguistic knowledge
  • global language evaluations
  • consumer research studies

4. We have a fully customized linguistic offer, tailored for AI projects.

Because AI brands will be instantly global, we have developed a new global language and cultural assessment for AI projects, reorganizing our 100+ linguists in 75 countries.The evaluation covers the 20 leading languages and cultures, and explores AI values and issues simultaneously.

Don’t give an ordinary name to your extraordinary product. Partner with us.

Our AI Naming Results

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