How to Create a Strategic AI Brand

How to Create a Strategic AI Brand

Naming AI companies and products requires more nuance and consideration than traditional technology brands. To better serve our clients, we fielded research with consumers and developers in the US and Germany to identify the best strategies for branding new AI companies and products. The surveys were complemented with one-on-one interviews as well as Lexicon’s proprietary network of linguists around the world. The findings serve as a foundation for our focused AI Technology Branding Practice.

This report is the first of a series of quarterly surveys dedicated to better understanding how marketers and founders can build truly effective AI brands.

Key Findings

  • The extreme hype around generative AI may have a negative impact on expectations and on brand credibility. New brands must proceed with caution.
  • Today’s AI systems are too narrow and the breakthroughs that will create the Googles for the future require new models and technologies to solve more complex issues. Brands that are future-forward in their names and behaviors will be positioned for success.
  • To date, AI brands lack a high level of emotional appeal. To establish a new AI based technology brand quickly and generate market share, consider putting emotion at the center of the new brand.
  • Developers across markets reported between creative, optimistic, and independent when using AI. If AI technology is truly the driver of the new brand, consider brand behaviors that echo and amplify these attributes.
  • Optimism about the applications of AI within industries varies significantly. For some, such as healthcare, there is an underlying optimism that new brands can tap into, albeit with caution.
  • Based on our linguistic review of the properties of nascent AI brands, there are certain creative principles that brands can lean into to help establish positive perceptions.

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