Lexicon Rebrands Sprig, An Innovative and Refreshed Product Research Platform

Sprig, formerly known as UserLeap, came to Lexicon for a new brand name to accompany their expansion into an all-in-one product research platform. Sprig now delivers three pillars of product research—video interviews, concept testing, and microsurveys, simplifying the research process with customer insights conveniently located in one place.

Lexicon’s philosophy is to create surprisingly familiar names that serve as perception creating tools. Surprinsgly familiar names offer two advantages: they are easier to grasp and stimulate the imagination. Lexicon coined the name Sprig from the small stem bearing flower to showcase Sprig’s all in one product research platform functionality as well as provide a fresh perspective to the name and industry. 

Lexicon is proud to have worked with the Sprig team to develop this exciting new brand name.