The Name Game Is Not A Simple Tune For Companies And Brands

One of the most bizarre yet pervasive quirks of the business world is that everyone thinks they are a qualified marketer. The collective rationale is that because they consume products like other humans, their opinions must be valid. Well folks, I’ve witnessed a rocket launch but that doesn’t make me a NASA scientist. Marketing is an increasingly sophisticated discipline requiring extensive experience to yield successful outcomes. And nowhere is this fact truer than in the naming process.

Case in point—the recent renaming process undertaken by Marissa Aydlett, CMO of Braze (formerly Appboy). While Aydlett made sure to include multiple stakeholders in the development process, she also worked with the naming firm Lexicon Branding to develop and test options, do trademark searches and conduct linguistic research in 18 languages. In our interview below you’ll learn why Aydlett felt a new name was necessary in the first place and how they moved the process along all the way through the eventual internal and external launches.

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