Congratulations Impossible Foods on the ‘Impossible Whopper’ launch

Congratulations Impossible Foods on the ‘Impossible Whopper’ launch

We are proud to have created the Impossible Foods brand, and look forward to the name evolving into new, innovative forms like the Impossible Whopper.

Please enjoy The New York Times article about Impossible Food’s new partnership.

Behold the Beefless ‘Impossible Whopper’

Nathaniel Popper, The New York Times

This week, Burger King is introducing a version of its iconic Whopper sandwich filled with a vegetarian patty from the start-up Impossible Foods.

The Impossible Whopper, as it will be known, is the biggest validation — and expansion opportunity — for a young industry that is looking to mimic and replace meat with plant-based alternatives.

Burger King’s chief marketing officer, Fernando Machado, said that in the company’s testing so far, customers and even employees had not been able to tell the difference between the old meaty Whopper and the new one.

“I have high expectations that it’s going to be big business, not just a niche product,” Mr. Machado said.

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