Congratulations Gelato on the New Integrations with Shopify and Etsy

Lexicon congratulates Gelato on their new website and taking customized printing solutions to the next level though integrations with Shopify and Etsy. Since Gelato’s 2014 rebrand in partnership with Lexicon, the platform has expanded and is now printing in more that 30 countries, covering more than 5 billion people within 72 hours. The Gelato team has a never-settle culture and is now the largest platform for personalized print products in the world.

CEO, Henrik Müller-Hansen comments on their growth as Norway’s most valuable VC-backed startup ”We now see a future where Gelato will become the global ‘go-to’ platform for personalized products – powering millions of entrepreneurs and web store owners with customized products produced locally to billions of consumers.”

Gelato’s new webpage.