Lexicon Developed the Rethink Outside Campaign for the Blue Sky Funders Forum. Partners of Rethink Outside include REI, Sierra Club, Outdoor Foundation, and Pisces Foundation.

In an interview, David Placek shares Lexicon’s approach to creating a distinct and memorable name for the Rethink Outside campaign. For this and all public interest campaigns, the name is critical for the impact and success of the mission. Selecting the component parts of “rethink” and “outside” are the outcome of broad creative exploration and consumer and constituent research.

The Rethink Outside campaign aims to bring together a wide range of individuals and organizations to experience and promote the outdoors. The challenge in promoting these experiences is that nature is perceived to be something “nice to have” rather than essential for communities and individuals.

Lexicon understands that names are a perception creating tool. In this case, the name invites audiences to change how they perceive nature to support the campaign in solving this barrier to success. Rethink Outside is an easy concept to grasp to help break through the clutter and stand out. Lexicon’s creative team drew inspiration for the successful advertising campaigns from Volkswagen and Apple, who told consumers to “Think Small” and to “Think Different.”