Introducing Sarah Young, Our Newest Team Member
September 1, 2017

Sarah joins us having recently graduated from Stanford University with a B.A. with honors in Psychology, having worked previously in product marketing and social media content coordination for Azazie Inc. At Lexicon, she works coordinating and bolstering our linguistics, research, and creative teams. She reports directly to David Placek, the President and Founder.

During her undergraduate career, she worked closely with Dr. Greg Walton, investigating the importance and effect of university communications on multiracial students' racial self-identification and feelings of belonging. With this background in social psychological research, she contributes to our understanding of the social and cultural implications of our work, provides a fresh perspective on our research methodology, and offers creative solutions. Her impressive skillset also includes a minor in Spanish and familiarity with Danish, Chinese, and Chilean cultures, having spent extensive time in those countries. She completed our summer internship program and decided to join our team full-time to greatly enhance our name branding services.

Sarah is a creative mind that comes with years of experience in theater, creative writing, and music performance. Her unique insight will be invaluable to our team here at Lexicon.