Linguistic Applications.


Brand names represent “vessels” that our clients use to tell a story, connote a benefit, or even make a promise. To help us better understand how to create effective vessels, we turned to linguistics. For more than thirty years we have partnered with some of the world’s most innovative linguists and have made deep investments in the application of linguistics to branding.

The talent that we have recruited and the investments we have made have been critical to our success. The science of linguistics has given Lexicon an underlying architecture for the building of new, original ideas that sound and look natural while traveling easily across markets and cultures. Dr. Will Leben, Professor Emeritus at Stanford University and the former chair of Stanford’s Department of Linguistics, has been part of our linguistics team for more than twenty-five years. His passion for both linguistics and Lexicon has made an enormous contribution.

Lexicon maintains one of the world’s leading databases on sound symbolism, which provides insight on the sound qualities evoked by every letter in the alphabet in multiple languages. We access 10,000+ morphemes (small, meaningful word units) for use in creative development. Proprietary tools precisely measure the effects of sound and spelling patterns and predict the associations global consumers are likely to make from word forms. These tools are essential to ensuring the names we develop will work around the world. Additional diagnostics allow us to gauge the processing fluency, imageability, and emotional tone of names, thereby increasing memorability and delivering on believability.