Yes to new ideas.

Fundamentally, our job is to make things more interesting. Our clients bring us a new concept, product, or technology, and it's our job to make that entity more dinstinctive and noteworthy. We turn concepts like P&G's "ProMop" into Swiffer. Language makes the difference, and we have seen again and again how brand names created against unique criteria help to generate growth and outperform the competition.

We pioneered our own approach: the combination of small two- and three-person creative teams with that of constructional linguistcs – the building of new words using small word parts. 

Our investments in cognitive science and consumer research have led us to identify key insights into language and memorability. We challenge traditional assumptions regarding brand names in order to uncover patterns of success that enable our clients to outperform the competition. Names like Sonos, Pentium, Swiffer, and Febreze are proof that the Lexicon approach works.