We exist to create original and effective branding solutions.

Since 1982, Lexicon has focused on creating brand names that help companies establish new products and services efficiently and effectively. To achieve this, we develop names that are original, distinctive and noteworthy.


Our creative process and the branding solutions we recommend are based on the fundamental insight that the most effective names are “surprisingly familiar” and that noteworthiness and memorability are essential to success.

We focus on developing brand names that can be used to tell a story, and not on creating a word that tells the whole story.

Since nothing will be used more often or for a longer period than a brand name, we always emphasize the strategic importance of brand names and the strategic role that Lexicon plays in building strong new brands that can capture early market share.

We are designed for clients who require problem-solving skills combined with a high level of creativity and experience. We are organized far more like a film studio than an advertising agency. The ability to generate hundreds of ideas and a high tolerance for risk represent important character traits of Lexicon. Both traits contribute significantly to our three decades of success.

Every step in our process – including every investment we make in R&D – is designed to deepen our ability to create names that make significant contributions to our clients’ businesses.

With our main office in Sausalito, California and a European office in Amsterdam, we are ideally located to keep up with the latest market innovations around the world.