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4 Things That Make a Startup Name Flop

David Placek knew something was off when he met with Microsoft to figure out a brand name for its latest product. Cloud Link? Cloud Pro? None of the names sounded right. The product was a cloud platform, sure, but it did little to spark his imagination. Besides, everyone was already talking about the cloud. He eventually sold Microsoft on naming its product Azure, a brighter name for a platform that promises to help people get working in the cloud quickly. Inc.'s Jill Krasny asked Lexicon's president what makes a company name flop.

Gimlet Media Hopes to Be the HBO of Podcasting

Podcasting has been around for just over a decade, but the past year has seen an explosion of interest in the form, with “This American Life" spinoff “Serial" breaking iTunes records and a host of new podcast networks popping up to carve out their niche in what's being called the “new golden age of radio."

Impossible Foods Reshapes the Industry

A PLANT-BASED hamburger patty that bleeds. Meatless chicken strips with the same fleshy and fibrous texture as cooked poultry. Mayonnaise made without eggs that is creamy and smooth. And a vegan beverage that contains all the ingredients for human sustenance, making it unnecessary to bother eating ordinary food every again. Hungry yet?