Name That Firm

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Selecting a name is one of the most important decisions a company will ever make. But a lot of small businesses don't give it nearly enough thought.

David Placek on KTVU

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June 15, 2006

In this taped interview with KTVU, Fox affiliate in Oakland, Pam Cook's weekly business report introduces Lexicon Branding® as a highly successful company that is responsible for some of the most well-known names in the business, located right here in the Bay Area's own back yard. Pam Cook and David Placek discuss the importance and value of a product or company name, how a good name helps a company cut through the current clutter of images and messages, why a good name is more important now than ever before, and how that has changed over the years for Lexicon Branding®.

David Placek on KTVU from Lexicon Branding on Vimeo.

Brands without Borders

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'THINK GLOBAL ACT LOCAL' has long been the mantra of community-based organizations. Now marketers of global brands are borrowing that mantra and making it their own. Increasingly, the paradigm is shifting from a top-down marketing approach towards one that is more localized. Even the largest conglomerates are empowering their local offices to make marketing decisions 'on the ground'.