RIA’s Are Making Up Names

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RIAs are merging, then making up names like Exencial, Syntal, Aspiriant and Private Ocean, but experts question the practice. Creating names solves a multitude of problems but may also create a bigger one in a high touch industry.

Lexicon CEO David Placek spoke with RIABiz.com about the recent practice of investment firms creating unusual constructed names when they brand a company formed by mergers and acquisitions.

Olympic Mascots Inspire Imitations

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Olympic organizers are going to face increasingly difficult challenges in designing logos and mascots, Lexicon's president David Placek told the New York Times. "People can manipulate things easier today, there's no question about it."

No Faux Pas In Any Language

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In his interview with the Financial Times, Lexicon linguist Greg Alger discusses how he and the company’s international slate of linguists work with our clients to discover and avoid potential hazards with new brand names and their meanings in countries around the world.

AFM: What Words Work?

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Every one of the 5,000 or so films being peddled at AFM has a title -- a first impression, if you will -- that will help guide that movie through the marketplace, help or hurt its international sales, and determine its fate on its path to consumers. Every word counts. Consider whether "Pretty Woman" would have been as successful if it had been released under its original title, "3000"? Or how well "Back to the Future" would have fared as "Spaceman From Pluto"?

Andrew Kaufman, a writer for Variety Film News, interviewed Lexicon founder and president David Placek for some insight into what a good film title needs to have to pull in viewers.