Lexicon Heads to the Geneva Motor Show

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The 2015 Geneva Motor Show is under way and motor enthusiasts are already feasting on stunning designs, luxurious interiors, and unprecedented engine power. Almost as bold, inventive, and aggressive as the cars are the names. There to ride front seat with these new concepts is David Placek, President and Founder of Lexicon Branding, the naming agency behind Subaru’s Outback and Forester, Nissan’s Rogue, Honda’s Ridgeline, Toyota’s Scion, Mercedes-Benz’s Metris, and GM’s OnStar.

While most are excited about Aston Martin’s newest and most extreme supercar for its features — ultra-strong lines, a V12 under the hood, and a rear wing that suggests possible flight — the brand-naming specialists at Lexicon are intrigued by the name: Vulcan. The mythically inspired name suits the supercar perfectly. It grabs attention, supports pure power, and says this thing will burn up the road — potentially, quite literally.

The same can be said about Koenigsegg’s hybrid Regera with its 1800 horsepower engine and $1.8 million price tag. The Regera, which means “to reign” in Swedish, has set a precedent for the hybrid category, which seems quite fitting, given its luxury and unparalleled performance. Even Audi has entered the race for distinctiveness, breaking from its tradition of alphanumeric names with the Prologue Avant concept car.

These next generation supercars are a spectacular convergence of technology and auto, a trend that has been on the rise and will continue to penetrate the consumer market. Robotic operations and smart-tech features, all typical nomenclature for high-tech computer and mobile devices, are now commonplace in these supercars.

The automotive market is cluttered – with more than 1.4 million active trademarks in the category around the globe – and high-tech features are no longer a novelty. Cars are at parity and automotive companies must differentiate themselves. Brands must be distinct and stand out. And, it all starts with the name.

As the market continues to grow, there will be a real need for brands to stand out and one way to do that is with a distinct and relevant name. With 33 years of naming experience and a portfolio of both car and tech naming credentials, Lexicon is well positioned to create the best names for the best cars in the world.

Follow Lexicon during the Geneva Motor Show as David Placek weighs in on the impressive showcasing of cars and the names that will bolster their success.

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