ChangeScale Works to Support and Advance Environmental Education

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ChangeScale is working to support and advance the cohesiveness, effectiveness, and prominence of the environmental education field. With a name created by Lexicon Branding and funded by the S. D. Bechtel, Jr. and Pisces Foundations, ChangeScale’s mission is to ensure that every generation is inspired with the environmental know-how to create healthy communities and a healthy planet.

Formed in 2010 and comprised of Bay Area practitioners, academics, and funders, the group will create a strategic plan and road map to strengthen and build the field of environmental education, while helping to create a unified voice for the field.

Environmental education prepares every generation with the environmental know-how and inspiration to help create healthier communities, today and in the future. Given the complex  environmental and social challenges we face, environmental education needs to be an essential core of every person’s lifelong education—from understanding the role of science to learning how to be effective citizens in a democracy.

ChangeScale — a partnership effort in the greater San Francisco Bay Area, founded in 2011 as the Environmental Education Collaborative—seeks to embed environmental education as a foundation for learning. Through an open dialogue with practitioners, researchers, and funders who share a common interest, they worked together to identify strategies to increase the impact of environmental education.

ChangeScale is at an exciting and expansive stage of development

After soliciting feedback and guidance from hundreds of practitioners, thought leaders, community members, and stakeholders, ChangeScale developed a three-year strategic plan to advance the field of environmental education. To inform the plan, they conducted research to better understand challenges and opportunities facing the field of environmental education, and used the collective impact framework to guide their process.

Their strategic plan provides a roadmap for environmental education’s future in the greater San Francisco and Monterey Bay areas. At its core, the plan shows meaningful ways that diverse and varied organizations can work together to ensure that environmental education is a cornerstone of lifelong learning. Working together, they can foster meaningful connections to the natural world, build individual and collective leadership, and create a more environmentally literate and engaged citizenry.

As ChangeScale moves from planning to action, they invite you to join them.

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